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Nowadays sensible politicians and economists repeat unanimously about depletion of some “old economic model”, about the necessity of making, and, at the same time, about objective occurence of new one. Oddly, no one knows what that kind of model will it be and where will go old one.
Just 100 years ago appeared a new model of social life at the ancient basis. Since this model is not new (in the sense of “once arisen”) here are the theses of our option of it’s topical structure.
Theses are given without rationales, because these rationales were long ago refuted by slaveholding-feudal-bourgeois literature. Its volume and regularity of occurrence in the best way confirm the irresistible validity of the refuted provisions.

“So our local war revolves around a basically simple situation: a conflict between those who

must go into space or die and those who will die if we go”

W. S. Burroughs “The Place of Dead Roads”

1. Labor has always been and is now a basic human need. Activity which is need to be direct or indirect forced to – is not a labor.

2. Labor is the only valid type of property and the only way to access intelligent thinking.

3. Social work is impossible without any of its individual manifestations, so a self-reproducing economic mechanism can only work on the principle of direct and equal distribution of its results among workers.

4. On this basis, the state, as a social system of labor organization, can and must inevitably be expanded to the scale of the population. A system that ensures the expropriation of the products of labor in favor of the ruling classes is not a state.

5. Primary society and state-forming authority are the labor collectives that form higher authorities, determine their powers and delegate their representatives to them.

6. Rights = Firearms. Placement of primary divisions of law enforcement agencies at facilities and ensuring their personnel interosculation.

7. Rights = Knowledge. Placement of the primary scientific research institutions at facilities and ensure their personnel interosculation.

8. Continuous improvement of system productivity due to continuous reduction of working hours during the day, week, month and year.

9. Immediate transition to free education of the Makarenko’s model on the basis of children’s ownership of the future.

10. It is possible to overcome economic survivals more quickly.

This is the structure of society that will be created either as a result of the civil war, or instead of it – the choice of the method based on paragraph 2 is left to the participants.

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