What kind of forces move the history? Why in the “cooling down” Universe it goes from less to more complex forms – after all, there must be the opposite. Why does everyone who advocates public interest become enemies of society? Why is the history determined by people individually, and societies exist longer as museum exhibits than in live form? Everything is much simpler, without paradoxes – because we live in a heating Universe and inside ourselves, not outside.

The name may seem strange at once. Communism – is a particular ideological movement at the point of infinite world and the universe – that’s all of it in its volume and variety.  But, on the other hand, all the laws of the organization of the universe are expressed in each of its points in relation of each object or process. Therefore, if we neglect the necessity of comparison, it is possible to judge on it by any of its points, and any point — by the properties of the universe.

So, what is communism. On the one hand, it is a struggle of the proletariat for power. At the most primitive and elementary level – it is a struggle for access to basic public goods. It seems to be like everyone else. Like the slave owners, feudal lords and the same to the bourgeoisie. However, this is not the case. The  struggle goes for a classless society. The proletariat is not going to embark on the next position of the exploiting class and to appropriate the products of others’ labor, but on the contrary, to release their own work from interference. This difference is not any social, but fundamental physical differences in the types of interaction with the outside world. You can keep any discussion of human nature, but its behavior and structure is rigidly connected with the production of tools and, therefore, workers in general and in particular the proletariat are behavioral and morphological nucleus of our species. Any masters, cultural figures and other inhabitants of the Elven cities exist in so far as they are allowed to, and are dead-end branches from the mainstream of the development of mankind. On the basis of the actual structure of the material conditions of existence of modern humanity, perhaps, we can not speak about the dictatorship of the proletariat, as one of the stages of its existence. We can only talk about explicit and implicit form of this dictatorship. Every social phenomenon is controlled by the proletariat literally by fingers through its material provision. The difference between explicit and implicit dictatorship is only if it informs about the purposes of its activity or not.

At first glance, the existence of both humans and other creatures depend on different external conditions — availability of food, heat, space, etc. If these factors are there in sufficient quantity, the living beings are actually infinitely multiply and develop. We do not know for sure why did various kinds in the Earth’s history extinct, but the cause of which is attributed to this — the disappearance of the above factors. Check out this statement, alas, it is impossible. But such a phenomenon is also in the structure of human society, and here they can be specifically investigated. The above workers throughout known history constantly live under absolutely fatal conditions: no food, no space, no money, not only to create a comfort, but also to maintain hygiene. And at the same time their work is related to the expenditure of the gigantic amount of energy on the mental and physical work. It would seem that if such conditions could occur and then the people who are in them, must degenerate in two – three generations. However, workers are living and developing for thousands of years. Often, their existence is interpreted as the existence out of culture, when culture is understood by literature, art, music, etc. But these complexes of curved life reflections are changing so quickly that workers simply do not have time to pay attention. The ruling classes of the same, on the other hand, save energy, appropriating the products of others’ labor, as well as abundantly supplied with food and are in continuous comfort, have the widest access to medicine and health, of course, if their culture allows it. But, for some reason, these conditions lead to degradation and extinction, as described throughout history, and what we are witnessing at the moment. Everyone knows slanderous distortion of Lenin’s quote about the cook: “every cook can run the state” [1]. Surprisingly, even slanderous distortions of Lenin’s statements are true. It is difficult to say whether this is due to half-dimensity of time [2], or implicit dictatorship of the proletariat, or to both these phenomena together, if it is, of course, the different phenomena at all. Now we just see a situation where the average cook, by the level of its mental development can run the state, and none of the ministers can not. From this it follows that the need for labor, as the function of the derivation of the energy of the body, will not become a basic need someday, but is the leading need in history of human in general. Workers indefinitely continue their development, unhindered freed from excess energy, throwing it into the structure of the world. This is a very unusual physical circumstances, or very strange physics.

Physics – is also part of a culture, out which the workers live, so it does not reflect the properties of real phenomena, but the view of representatives of the ruling class. The last always lived in an environment of the degrading world. For the real world it has nothing to do, they degrade themselves and credit the world around with their properties. It was formulated in various ways long before the emergence of modern science — in mythology, religion, literature, and philosophy. At the present stage, this fact is expressed in the form of the cooling concept of the universe. Already in its emergence, this concept is quite surprising, because we perceive the universe as the area of distribution of luminous bodies, that is, all the visible matter radiates excess energy. Perhaps this process is finite if it consumes energy of the internal relations of substance, and it becomes simplified, that is, roughly speaking, if the stars were made of uranium. [3] But all the material universe is getting complicated, while throwing huge flows of excess energy, and all this happens in the “cooling down” of the universe. Well, it is the laws that apply to visible bodies. Maybe the whole universe is living on some other laws? No, it expands with acceleration. Was there a big bang ever or not — a matter of taste of the theoretical, but the fact that it is happening — it is an observed fact.

A direct consequence of the accelerated expansion of the universe, that the main condition for the preservation of an object in our world is the ability to release of excess energy. This can be achieved in two ways: damage the mechanism of energy perception in any way, but then comes the really stage of degradation because of its scarcity, or emit it in ever increasing quantities. The problem is where to emit? Man is already at the peak of possible development. There remains only one option — to emit it in the connections within the society, more and more of their complicating and expanding. It always means the creation of new, never-before-existing reality, because so much power has never been concentrated in the universe. As long as the people works it out, they are individually within the framework of the working people and their society is off degrading cultures. But the power consumption of any system is depleted. Some time can be operated palliative solutions — design, build, and then start a war, it all burned down and build again. Kids in the sandbox do so. Still, energy is stored and the time comes to radical solutions — creation of the radiator in areas where there is nothing else. Once it was the development of new territories. Territories are over, respectively remains the only direction in which energy can be removed — at the third spatial dimension, upwards. Point sets a new level of communication with the volume. Man emerged as a result of links between objects and processes of the universe, and now, in turn, begins to establish its ties with it. In fact, it has long been known. One poor carpenter said about these physical circumstances two thousand years ago. [4] Nothing good came out of it, so since the workers even more laconic than they were before. The principles, which workers realized in their history, are not unique — this way all known objects remove the excess energy. Elementary particles coalesce into atoms, atoms into molecules or crystals, the molecules into crystals again or into cells, cells into the organisms etc. Also it is possible to form stars, including neutronical, black holes and other. These all are variations of the excess energy excretion process of elements into the structure’s connections, because there is nowhere to emit it anymore. For this reason, understanding of processes of complicating of the matter to the full depth is available for the human mind. Fundamentally, the process of creating the physical theory has no differences to the atoms forming process.

Accelerated expansion of the universe was acknowledged fact in 2011, and thus, the classics of scientific communism described the mechanism of assimilation and excretion of energy of their observed societies.  But as this process takes place at each point and is primary in relation to other, private, processes, we, at the present stage of our knowledge, formulate it as ”communism and the universe”. Communism is primary in relation to the universe, because it is the process of combining any bodies for a joint excretion of the excess energy.

[1] – We are not utopians. We know that an unskilled labourer or a cook cannot immediately get on with the job of state administration. In this we agree with the Cadets, with Breshkovskaya, and with Tsereteli. We differ, however, from these citizens in that we demand an immediate break with the prejudiced view that only the rich, or officials chosen from rich families, are capable of administering the state, of performing the ordinary, everyday work of administration. We demand that training in the work of state administration be conducted by class-conscious workers and soldiers and that this training be begun at once, i.e., that a beginning be made at once in training all the working people, all the poor, for this work. 

Lenin’s Collected Works, Progress Publishers, Moscow, Volume 26, 1972, pp. 87-136 

[2] – There is a representation of spaces with different numbers of measurements, the objects can be moved by that. The simplest of these is the one-dimensional space, the line along which the object can be moved in both directions. Time is fundamentally different from the space that the movement in it is possible only in one direction — to the future and, accordingly, the objects in it have only half the capacity in relation to the one-dimensional space. This phenomenon was called half-dimension of time by analogy with the corresponding structural characteristics of space.

[3] – The heavy atoms release energy of internal connections during fission, somehow previously stored in them in the past. This phenomenon is used in nuclear power plants and munitions. During the thermonuclear synthesis of light nuclei fuse into heavier and there are new intra-atomic communication, which requires additional energy assimilation. In the framework of modern physical picture of the world, based on the notions of “cooling” of the universe, the question is shyly avoided.

[4] – This is what we will write later in a separate article.

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